Fighting The War On The War on Grilling

The day has come, the week before the 4th of July no less. 

Yesterday this man started the War on Grilling and not even from a vegan standpoint. 

As this man has now started the war on grilling, I am now starting the war on the war on grilling. Look nowadays there are not many things you can die on a hill for without being labeled as an extremist of some sort. I am so going to die on this hill to defend grilling. 

This guy came at grilling, said it was just a bad way to cook. He says that grills have terrible temperature control and the heat source being under the food is stupid because of grease fires. He thinks we all should just cook inside with fancy instruments like air fryers or other stuff. But in my opinion, grilling isn't about trying to make restaurant-quality food.

See humans have been putting meat on top of open heat sources with poor temperature controls for millions of years. 

gorodenkoff. Getty Images.

Grilling isn't about making a restaurant-quality filet mignon that you post to a food porn Instagram. It's about being outdoors, absorbing Vitamin D through the sun, manning the grill, and having the whole group depending on you. Grilling is drinking beer you made sure would be cold for your exact moment of grilling, planning it the second you got it from the store. Grilling is about the sport of everyone walking over and telling you how they think it should be grilled and proving them wrong by silencing the doubters. Grilling is about the atmosphere around it, someones throwing a football and the grass is green, good music is playing.

One part of grilling is that no one is expecting a perfectly seared or cooked anything, everyone you are with is usually family and friends that are more than understanding if their burger or steak is not cooked to perfection. That's the beauty of grilling. The guy does have a point maybe grilling is not the most efficient alternative but it is the most fun alternative. 

Paul Hermann. Unsplash Images.

Also, his point about the grill being dirty is so irrelevant. No one has ever gotten sick from a dirty grill, its one of those things that operate under the same premise as cast-iron skillets. The dirtiness ads to the flavor or something, who knows. 

Grilling is also awesome because it is when you can go outside. All grilling holidays are in the summer and just awesome times. Grilling means long weekends, no school, no rain. Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th, just awesome holidays. Grilling is an integral part of summer, and it has other benefits besides being a way to cook food. 

Grills keep bugs away, I don’t know how but there are never bugs around the grill.

Grills help facilitate conversation

Grills are amazing during power outages because they use propane or charcoal

Grills literally require 0 cleanup

Grills are just awesome.

On this fourth of July weekend, get your grill out. Let the Meat Talk.