Can't Wait To See How Much This Pisses People Off - Master's P Son Apparently Signed A $2 MILLION Deal Thanks To New NIL Rules

[TMZ] - "It was a 2 million dollar deal. It's incredible. This is gonna change the way college athletes want to stay in school," P says.

Remember, a few months back Master P told us he lined up this deal ... and was just waiting patiently for the regulations to change.

Well, rule changed, check ... and Hercy didn't wait long before signing his name on the dotted line.

"I signed a deal with an American technology company. Like my dad said, it's a blessing," Hercy -- an incoming frosh at Tennessee State -- tells us.

We've reached a point where we have to ask what can't Master P do? Dominate the rap scene? Check. Try out and get a chance at the NBA? Check. Businessman? Check. Get a couple kids to play Division I basketball? Check more than once. And now we see him help facilitate a reported $2 MILLION deal for his son Hercy, who is about to be a freshman at Tennessee State. 

I love it only because this is going to piss people off. Yeah, obviously this technology company is trying to land Hercy because of his connections with Master P. Duh. That's how shit works. But also the fact that people are going to see $2 million go to the name of a freshman who is a decent player. Played with Chet Holmgren in high school and was a 3-star. Not like he's some scrub or anything like that. 

And hey shout out Hercy. He's doing some good with the money. Buying himself a Tesla and then donating a bunch. 

I learned from my dad, I'm gonna start off by giving back to the community and everyone around me. I have a camp July 21," Hercy says.

"I'm giving back to the kids. Giving school supplies."

Yeah, $2 million is a lot but this is obviously a unique situation. That said, Hercy Miller still isn't going to be the most paid athlete. 

Honestly I just want ridiculous money like this out there so people get pissed off. I still don't understand why people care what other people get paid but if it pisses those people off, good. I don't know, maybe do something that makes you worth getting paid. Pretty simple.