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It's Basically A Lock The Bucks Win In 6 After Seeing This Hyped Big Dude Blasting Some Bare Chest And Chugging Beers On The Jumbotron

How do you argue with this man? It's impossible. Everything about this video is perfect. You have the guy in the back with the waterfall chug. You have the guy next to him just going head bobs. And then the hero emerges. Everyone is focused on waterfall chug guy. Oh no, my friends. Not one bit. The big man enters. 

Yeah, sure the Hulk shirt rip didn't work right away. But my man doesn't get down on himself. He's all about dramatics. He wasn't going to get off that Jumbotron without blasting some bare chest. You gotta support the team. See he knows the camera is on him. He had one time to shine and my Lord did he put on a show. Low key the funniest part is him setting up the video. Right off the bat he goes with the little Hulkster hand to the ear. 

Giphy Images.

I can't get enough of the Bucks crowd last night. They were not slowed down by not having Giannis. They were just going to have a damn good time watching the Bucks kick the Hawks ass. 

I can't believe I'm saying this but I need to get to fucking Milwaukee. Seems like my sort of place.