People Forget That The Orioles ALSO Pay Bobby Bonilla $500,000 Every July 1st

I can't sit here and let the Mets get all the credit for their deferred payments to Bobby Bonilla on his holy day every July 1st, so I'm here to tell you that the Orioles are ALSO paying Bobby Bonilla $500,000 every season until 2029. It started back in 2004 so in addition to his $1.19 million payday from the Mets that everyone seems to clown on every year, he's also getting half a Milly  from the Orioles still. This one really slides under the radar though, the Mets get all the headlines but the Orioles deserve some of the shine too! He only played 2 seasons in Baltimore in 1995 and 1996 but his $500 K payment kicked in wayyyy later in 2004 and will go until 2029. You have to applaud Bonilla's agent and financial team for having these deals, it's the ultimate flex move. I will never understand why people make Bonilla the butt of jokes on this day, let the guy get paid by 2 separate teams until he's old and gray. I'm so jealous of Bobby Bo on this day, he should be paraded around town like the king he is. 

PS. Get ready for the Chris Davis Day in a few years. His deal is up after 2022 and he'll get $3.5 million every July 1 from 2023-2032....AND THEN he'll get $1.4 million from 2033-2037. Long live the king.