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The Boston Dynamics Killer Robots Are #Back And Dancing Right In Our Dumb Human Faces

In case you were wondering what the Boston Dynamics robots were doing as humans spent the last year and a half inside their homes arguing with each other online, you have your answer. It appears that the machines have completed whatever battle training they needed and are now not only prepared to take over the planet from mankind but also ready dance on humanity's smoldering grave like a Fortnite character that just won a Battle Royale.

It's going to be a tough conversation with my kids during the War of the Machines when they ask what everyone did as Boston Dynamics built up their robotic army and uploaded their progress step by step right in our faces. My only answer will be that we LOL'd about how terrifying they were from Day 1 and joked about how clear it was that we were going to get the everliving shit kicked out of us when the inevitable battle began.

Whatever. At least football season is less than 2 months away. Plus I don't feel like the machines will actually attack until they can pull off the full Evolution Of Dance routine to put the final nail in the coffin of the debate of which being is superior.

Sidenote: Holy shit, I never noticed how blurry this video was