In Today's Episode Of "The Baseball Gods Hate The White Sox", Yoan Moncada Leaves Game With Hand Injury

Praying to the baseball gods that it is in fact just a bruise. The last two times this has happened to a star player on the Sox, the Sox Twitter account has said similar shit. It was "shoulder discomfort" for Eloy and "groin tightness" for Lu or whatever it was. We all know how the follow up tweets went with those two. Not good. Let's hope to god Yo didn't break anything because that could completely fuck the Sox. 

Here's the injury:

Video isn't readily available yet but he slid into third, rolled up on himself, and hurt his hand. 

I'm fucking sick of this. Idk what we did to piss off the baseball gods, but they're fickle, cock sucking cunts. I hate them and I hope they die of some new sort of AIDS. If the White Sox didn't have bad luck, they'd have no luck at all. Fuck the baseball gods and fuck these injuries. FUCK them. If he's out for an extended amount of time?