The NFL Has Fined The Washington Football Team $10 Million As A Result Of Their Investigation Into The Team's Culture


Roger Goodell right now:


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I don't know what to say other than shame on us for thinking real change would happen. For thinking the NFL would care about the rampant sexual harassment inside the WFT's organization as long as Snyder has owned the team. They saw all the evidence, heard all the testimony, and decided "$10 million sounds like enough" and "we'll donate it all to charity". Not to the victims? And how is $10 million the going rate? 

The franchise as a whole got off light here. Could have been loss of draft picks involved, sanctions, etc. None of that. $10 million from Lil Dan Dan's pocket to charity and that is that. They could have punished Snyder MUCH harder though. Said he's not allowed in the facility for a year, make him give up salary or something, I don't know. 

So I guess…that's that? Investigation over. I mean, not for nothing, this has made Dan hire a new president, completely revamp the coaching staff, the front office staff, be more inclusive, and other positive changes within the organization. I just can't believe how lightly they punished him. 20 years of buffoonery is a $10 million fine. Goodell does it again.