Tik Tok Star Josh Richards Will Be The Voice Of The Fans For The NHL

You can all say what is this world coming to, who even is that. You all are living in the past and this is smart as shit for the NHL. The NHL is already on the low side of fans with the 4 major sports. So bringing a 19 year old kid who played hockey and is from Canada can only help grow the game. It will bring a younger crowd to the sport and his fans are a cult. We all need to realize that Tik Tok is the new social media that is taking over and it isn't people just dancing. I also know that people like to say they don't care about the drama or whats going on in that world but everyone secretly does. 

Josh is a genius because he isn't going to be relevant forever so he has like 9 different business right now and all the old people who like sports are going to hate this because they refuse to understand this is a good thing. I'll admit Im not excited about Tik Tok taking over the world but you have to pivot when the world is going that way. There is a reason why BFFs is a huge podcast.