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Alabama Fans Are Throwing Away Milo's Sweet Tea After the Company Struck a Sponsorship Deal With Auburn QB Bo Nix

As of today, college athletes across the country can now do what they should have been able to do for many years and make money off their own names, images and likenesses. Obviously nobody really knows how all of this will end up, but some athletes wasted no time striking while the iron is hot.

Auburn quarterback Bo Nix already had a deal ready to go with Milo's Tea as soon as the clock struck midnight. The Birmingham company may want to get a Crimson Tide player on its payroll soon, though, because Alabama fans are already literally dumping Milo's into the sink after the move.

I'm 95 percent sure this guy did this as a joke. But I also fully believe there are Tide fans throughout the state of Alabama who will go to the grocery store tonight and buy a different brand of tea because Milo's wrote a check to Bo Nix. It Just Means More.

I can't wait to see more moves like this that will piss fanbases off. This stuff is going to get wild. But I'll be honest, if one of my favorite restaurants in Nashville started handing out bags to Vandy players, I'd think twice about patronizing that business over a comparable one. I'm not going to have my hard-earned money going to those assholes.

I already love the NIL era, though. Go cash those checks, kids.