Every Dad Is This Dad Finding Out How Much Birkenstock Sandals Cost

This dad is so pure. He likes the sandals. He loves wearing them when he’s not wearing his slipper joints after his kids paint his toenails. He probably just assumed they cost as much as one banana. 10 dollars for sandals isn’t that bad after all.

Somehow, this conversation that I would imagine is lovely based on the beautiful bushes and relaxed scenery turned to his beloved sandals or her beloved sandals.

The daughter says the price of the sandals.

What. No. This can’t be. No. 

100 dollars? Let me just Google that because you’re pulling my leg, right? 

He has to confront his wife while completely flabbergasted. To make matters worse, his wife doesn’t give a fuck. Comfort and fashion ain’t cheap, broke boi. Keep it movin and keep muttering to yourself because she’s got 3 more pairs in her cart right now and is itching to smash that check out button and there’s not a damn thing he can do about it.

100 bucks for sandals. Never thought I’d see the day.