A Bitcoin BILLIONAIRE Mysteriously Drowned In Costa Rica And NOBODY Is Talking About It

Once known as one of the biggest owners of Bitcoin on the planet, billionaire Mircea Popescu has died according to Costa Rican local news. According to the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) of Costa Rica, a 41-year-old man going by the same name was found dead. The report did say that the deceased was Polish, but he is actually Romanian. While the original report did have a discrepancy about his country of origin, the death has been confirmed by a number of sources to whom Popescu was close. “The events occurred around 8:30 am when Popescu entered the sea to swim in the Tramonto sector, was swept away by the current and died on the spot,” the local report states.

The report also states that lifeguards remind tourists that the area is not a beach for swimming. “The current there can drag you out for miles and if you swim against it, you die of exhaustion.”

Ho hum just the biggest crypto currency guy on planet Earth washes up dead in Costa Rica and NOBODY is talking about it. Because it is crypto and blockchain and all of that it is hard to know exactly how much Mircea Popescu was actually worth, but there are estimates that he had a million bitcoins. A MILLION. He was an early adopter and advocate. Just bought a ton in the early days and held on tight. This is what he was worth today if he did actually have a million coins

A cool 33 billion dollars if I counted the zeros and commas correctly which I probably didn't. Remember in Office Space where Peter asks his neighbor, Lawrence, what he'd do with a million dollars and he said "two chicks at the same time". Well your boy Mircea liked that idea but he had billions so he upped the ante and went for three

the news has since been affirmed by three different women with whom he was known to have had long-standing, reportedly consensual master-slave relationships

The ole consensual master-sex slave relationship. He probably had to have consensual slaves as companions because according to at least one person…the guy sucked as a human

His slaves confirmed his death and that he drowned at a beach that was not for swimming according to authorities making claims about his accidental drowning due to strong currents. 

Others saw him a genius/visionary


We are in a strange and fast moving time. Those are the types of comments I could see pissing off the powers that be. Has a lot of similarities with John McAfee. Crazy that they both died in a week and people aren't making a bigger deal out of this.

Now, I am FAR from anything remotely considered educated on bitcoin or blockchain. So here is what I don't understand…is $33B worth of money just GONE forever? That is reportedly about 5% of all bitcoin available. How can that be just poof and vanished from the system forever? In theory since bitcoin is a fixed asset doesn't his death and the loss of substantial coins make everyone else's position stronger? Shouldn't bitcoin on a supply and demand basis be skyrocketing now? This is like the Spanish loading up a fleet of ships loaded to brim with gold and silver they took from South America just sinking to the bottom of the ocean forever. Shouldn't his coins eventually be put back out there for people to mine? This is why crypto breaks my brain. What if the Vinkelvoss twins and all the people with significant bitcoin holdings were to die suddenly with no means of passing on the coins? Does the amount of lost wealth eventually collapse the coin? These are things I don't understand. I also don't understand why a guy worth $33B dying tragically and strangely is getting virtually NO coverage. $33B would make this guy the 45th richest person on the planet. People lose their fucking minds looking for treasure hunts worth $10K. There might be $33B out there to find and nobody cares. 

PS: Sometimes I think these crypto people disappearing are really out there starting a 21st century Galt's Gulch on the internet. They're restarting a new capitalist society somewhere just like in Atlas Shrugged. Just off the grid with VPN and blockchain and away from the governments that they hate so much. Satoshi, McAfee, and this freak guy with the slaves running a whole new world. That'd be a cool story.