Dabo Swinney Is Too Big Of A Coward To Be A Man Of His Word

It’s widely known that Dabo was one of the more outspoken college coaches in regards to players getting paid for their likeness. He didn’t want the option on the table and those entitled brats to get paid for bringing in millions upon millions to these schools. After all, would paying kids take away from his 10-year 93 million dollar contract from Clemson? Absolutely not but it’s impossible to be sure and Dabo knew that.

Dabo, like any leader of young men, teaches his players about accountability and being a man of your word. Hell, he becomes a father figure to these uppity players; it’s a position he holds dear but dear enough that he can overlook them not being stone-cold broke? No. He promised to leave and well

It was previously inconceivable that Dabo would leave Clemson. After all, he’s one of the most successful coaches of the last decade. He’s in the big three with Saban and Urban Meyer as his only real peers. Does he have the gumption to follow through with his previous assertion that he would? I doubt it. But, you can imagine what it would be like if he did.

Personally, I’d like to see Dabo become the real life Ted Lasso. Dabo has the regional diction, the southern Baptist haircut, and a loyal assistant coach. No word on if he’s a pastry connoisseur but what more could you want?

Your move, coach. Teach these young men that your word is your bond, you coward.

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