I Hope Barstool Vs America Has Reminded Everyone What An Athletic Freak I Am (For My Size)

That guy is an athletic FREAK. All I'm looking at is a man that weighs the same as a small family moving like a goddamn GAZELLE. Jumping over that wall like I'm doing a goddamn triathalon multiple times & then throwing those MASSIVE cans around like I'm the fucking mountain. 

I mean this gif legitimately is the most athletic thing I've ever seen myself do and that's coming from someone who was a benchwarmer on two (2) separate little league all-star teams, a man that got cut from freshman year football in high school, and the 3rd best guy on the shotput team freshman year as well so that's SAYING SOMETHING. I can't stop reveling at that toss & jump. 

Despite the outcome of the challenge that was a fucking blast. It had to take around a half hour and I could not give any more props to Jeff D Lowe for how he handled it at host. Was fucking awesome to see. 

It sure did suck to see the BIG BAD 3-headed dragon get broken up though!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

Giphy Images.

Tune in for even more DRAMA tonight at 7pm for the season finale. I can also confirm the final challenge is the closest I've ever come to dying. It was GRUELING. It makes me sad to even think about. See everyone at 7pm.