What An Absolutely Awesome Stanley Cup Final Buzzer Beater


That was fucking awesome. Hockey buzzer beaters are very, very, very underrated. You see them in basketball all the fucking time, but in basketball it's just one shot, 2 or 3 points, and because it's basketball, will never really be a dagger (not counting the 4th quarter, of course). But in hockey? Giving up a goal in the final 5 seconds is back breaking. And in this case for Montreal, heartbreaking. They are on the road thinking they're going into the locker room knotted up, but instead the pick goes in with .8 seconds on the clock. That's fucking bruuuuuuutal. And obviously it was Blake Coleman too. Guy just has a knack for ridiculous goals it seems



Chiclets and some guests/NHL guys are streaming, catch them for the 3rd period here: