BREAKING: Steve Cohen Is Putting Bobby Bonilla To Work On This Bobby Bonilla Day

Did Uncle Stevie do it again or did Uncle Stevie do it again? The Wilpons have been shelling out a milly a year for Bobby Bo to do absolutely nothing every July 1st while worms like Darren Rovell and skell fans of rival teams peppered Mets fans with LOLMets jokes.

So what does the baseball owner with the biggest wallet, brain, and dick do his first year on the job? He takes back Bobby Bonilla Day and cashes in on it along with the Finesse God commonly known as Bobby Bo doing something other than cashing a check by awkwardly narrating an AirBNB contest. 

It's not quite as exciting as Uncle Stevie's original plans when he took over the team since the Mets are in Atlanta right now:

But as the saying goes in baseball, there's always next year!

I am not even going to go into how Bobby Bonilla's deferred contract financially worked out for the Mets, helped them put together a team that made the World Series the very next season, and isn't even close to the most money or years deferred for a player because why ruin a good internet meme? 

Instead, I will just wait to see how Steve Cohen turns this negative into a positive Biggie Smalls style for the next God knows how many years along with how many other companies jump on board doing the same thing to stuff their pockets. 

Upset of the year that Cam Soda isn't promoting offering Bobby Bo a million dollars to swing his bat on a live stream

So Happy Bobby Bonilla Day everybody! Get used to the same awful jokes on your timeline that you get from the same awful people every single year before those people all turtle as it transitions into Jacob deGrom Day at 7:20 PM ET tonight for your first place New York Mets.

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