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Glenny Balls Legitimately Saves A Dying Boy On The RV Trip

Refraining from pooping in the RV was one of the biggest physical struggles for some, but keeping your cell phone charged was nearly impossible on the trip. With a lack of outlets, you had to charge up when you could, and unfortunately for me, that happened when it was time to order sandwiches. Luckily for me, Glenny Balls was there to save the day with half of his sandwich. I'll never forget the order - Italian Herbs & Cheese Bread, Turkey, Roast Beef, Ham, Lettuce, Onions, Green Peppers, Chipotle Southwest Sauce.

If I hadn't eaten that sub, there's no way I could have dealt with all the drama from episode 3. I would have withered into a husk before we ever got to the Slime Stairs. Tonight we are in Chicago for episode 4 where both the Yellow and Blue teams absolutely want to kill each other in the physical team challenge. 7:00 PM live on the blog and Youtube.