Jeffree Star Admits Hooking Up With Rappers And NBA Players

Jeffree Star is a mega star. He might be the richest Youtuber out there. His neighbor is Drake and lives in a 14.6 million dollar home. Girls wait on his Makeup like no other product, He sells out in seconds. In the clip above he starts to explain to Dave that your favorite Rappers and Nba players hit him up and the sex is good. Then proceeds to be very serious about if he ever talks about their names they will murder them. This is some crazy shit and I want nothing to do with it but he did say he had an 10ft bed for orgies and his dogs. The thing that makes me laugh is that Dave is finding out about all of this on a sheet of paper right before the interview and I'm learning it as I write this as well. It's almost better he didn't say who the players or rappers are because people are just going to guess but gain this celebrity life is a different reality. 

Jeffree is ride or die though he wont give up the names just wants to keep having some good sex. I got to be honest I have no idea whats happening here I just am reporting the facts as a blogger whose been writing for years.