Right Now Might Be One Of The Worst Times In Sports History To Be A Philadelphia Sports Fan

This was a topic Rone, myself, and the boys discussed on this week's First Time, Long Time. You know, the unsanctioned Philly show that's not greenlit/pimped out by Barstool that Rone and I recor once a week at like 10pm on Tuesday night off the books. Some say even though only an hour or so is dedicated to it per week it still allegedly gets more listeners than some people's national sports podcast. You know EXACTLY who I'm talking about. Yes, here's looking at you, Fantasy Football Factory...

Way to be at very the bottom of the company in listeners when you haven't recorded a show in 4 months because it's your offseason, chumps! I kid, I kid. There's obvious smoke and mirrors here. You gotta give them the benefit of the doubt as there's NO way they would be that low ranked of an internal podcast if their sport was in the playoffs and they were dishing out an episode every week with seemingly unlimited promotion from Barstool. It would be impossible for ANY show to be ranked that low. 

But back to the matters at hand, we sold our souls for Super Bowl 52. There's simply no other explanation. The Sixers historically shit themselves. The Phillies are 10 years out from a championship contender and still don't even have enough to make a legit run. The Flyers were the #1 seed heading into the 2020 playoffs, underachieved, and didn't even sniff the postseason in 2021. The Eagles are the definition of a wet team that has turned into an ungodly nightmare in just 3 short years. 

It is what it is. And as always we shall suffer through it, together. But, hey, at least there's the Union! Sure! Doop!  

PS - Seriously I wanna start going all in on the Union. I've missed out for decades and now is the time. Please advise a good way to honestly start. Doop.