Bonk Me All You Want But My Axe Throwing Partner In Nashville Was BY FAR The Best


That's what the youtube chat was saying last night. That's what the tweets were saying. Hell, that's even what I was saying knowing I was gonna get bonked for picking Molly at our Axe Throwing competition in Nashville but ya know what? NO BONKS should've been given out. She was a fucking NATURAL at Axe Throwing. Like literally might have viking blood in her or some shit. It was beyond impressive. 

We're talkin' bullseye after bullseye after bullseye. It felt like I was watching Phelps in Beijing at the '08 Olympics. Everyone take their bonks back because I have an eye for an Axe Throwing TALENT. 

The ONLY problem happened to be that poor Molly was in turn paired up with this schlub of an Axe Thrower. I may have a great eye for talent, but cannot play for SHIT. I think of myself like I think of Mike Leach- great football coach...never played college football though. As you can see above I somehow got lucky enough to hit one, but the rest....NOT SO MUCH.

Like that throw was so repulsive I should never be allowed in the city of Nashville again. (That would fucking SUCK). Please tune into #BarstoolVsAmerica tonight to see if I redeem myself in the next challenge. We're in one of the best cities in the world, Chicago, tonight and it's a HELL of an episode. Strategy like you read about. 7PM!!!!!! BE THERE!!!