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Kim K & Her Underwear Land Major W In The 2021 Olympics

Via Forbes:

Billionaire Kim Kardashian West is headed to the Olympics—or at least her clothes are. On Monday, Kardashian West announced on social media that her shapewear and loungewear company Skims is designing the official undergarments for the female members of Team USA at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. 

While all female athletes on Team USA will receive the collection for free, the line will be available for consumers to purchase in July—just in time for the Games’ opening ceremony on July 23.

Kardashian West is not the only billionaire with a hand in outfitting this year’s Team USA. Ralph Lauren, who is worth $7 billion, has designed Team USA’s uniform since 2008 and is doing so again this year. That clothing will be worn by Team USA in both the opening and closing ceremonies.

The brand has been valued at around $1.6 BILLION and I imagine it will only continue to skyrocket after this move. From what I could find this is the first time a brand has become the official underpants of the athletes. As a large, high-waisted Hanes lady myself I am a fan of the ol' graybies Alex Morgan is rocking below, especially since we have, like, the exact same body type give or take 30lbs & some muscle tone.

I'm just looking forward to the day Balls Beachwear becomes the official loungewear of the Olympics.

Side note if you've got a bit more time, I went down a rabbit hole earlier today on Olympics/brands and it's way more complicated than I thought. The partnerships are a big deal revenue-wise since the games are so expensive… This one is expected to cost around $15.4 BILLION and ad deals previous years have covered almost a billion of that amount (which seems like a drop in the bucket I guess). 

AdWeek did an in-depth review of what athletes & brands can and cannot say/do involving the Olympics per "Rule 40, a bylaw in the Olympic Charter that restricts public references to Olympic competition solely to sponsors that have paid for it".