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DeMarcus Cousins Doesn't Understand Why Paul George Deals With 'Trolling Bullshit' ... Well, Let Me Explain

Am I one to typically trifle with DeMarcus Cousins? Absolutely not. He's a Kentucky guy through and through. He'd also kick my ass with one stare and punch. But that's not the point here. The point here is I'm a blogger and I can blog about literally anything I want. So gather around Clippers and your 12 fans and let me explain why Paul George deals with 'trolling bullshit.' It starts with this. 

He gave himself his own nickname. Let me be more specific. He gave himself the nickname Playoff P. That alone deserves endless trolling. I don't care if he wins 10 titles in a row. If you give yourself a nickname, especially one as lame as Playoff P, you're going to get trolled. Boogie? That's an awesome nickname so I would never, ever troll him. But Playoff P? Yeah that fucking stinks out loud man. Not only that, Paul George has a history of sucking ass in the playoffs. 

Those are facts. Paul George is a below average player in the playoffs despite having an awesome series right now. Actually, let me be specific again. A series that the Clippers ARE LOSING. What the fuck are we doing here? Why are we trying to apologize or 'put respect on Paul George's name' (looking at your blog there Greenie). He's always had respect! That's why we expect him to do shit like he did last night.  They won an elimination game where Paul George played great. Cool. What if they lose game 6? We just gonna change the narrative that Paul George is truly Playoff P? Fuck outta here. 

That's the dumbest shit we do. It's not even just basketball. We overreact in every single sport to the smallest sample size. One game changes how we view someone. We're doing it right now in the playoffs. If Chris Paul wins a title is he all of a sudden better than say John Stockton? Of course not. He's already better than Stockton. Just like a title doesn't mean he's better than Isiah Thomas. 

Quick side note: Chris Paul and Paul George are two guys that are full name guys. Thinking it's the double first name shit. But you don't just say Paul or George. It's Chris Paul and Paul George.

 You wanna know why else we troll Paul George? Because he once posted a picture of his dogs gigantic balls sitting on him. You don't forget that. 

Here's the truth about Paul George from someone who has defended him before. He's a good player who always should have been just a little bit better. You couldn't win with him as your number 1 guy but he's an awesome number 2. He was always one of the better two-way players in the league who choked in the playoffs and seemed to hide from the playoffs. There's your answer, DeMarcus.