The Philadelphia Phillies Have Blown 7 Saves In The Last 6 Games...Wait, What???

7 blown saves in the last 6 games. Think about that. 7. Blown. Saves. In. 6. Games. Did you hear what I said? 


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21 blown saves in 76 games. Think about that. In (about) 27.6% of games this team has played they have held the lead in the 7th inning or later at least once and end up losing said advantage. That's fucking preposterous. I stated "At Least Once" because occasionally you have syphilitic filled gems like the 13-12 loss to Washington where Philly was up TWICE after the 7th inning and forced everyone to go blind on both leads. Note the Phillies franchise record for blown saves is 25…in a 162 game season. This damn team isn't even halfway through the year and they're only 4 kicks to the dick away from breaking the record. Incredible. The Major League mark for blown saves in a season is 34 set by the Rockies. This team is going to shatter that shit. 

Last year the Phillies had the worst bullpen in baseball HISTORY. Do you know how old this fucking game is? Dombrowski knew it was an issue and they added the likes of Jose Alvardao and Archie Bradley. Not exactly Mariano Rivera and Wayne Gomes Lee Smith in their primes, but moves that should've at least improved this team from "Historically Catastrophic" category to simply "Horrific". Nope. Still just as bad. I guess that's what happens when you trot Hector Neris out there as a closer for years after anybody with a working brain could tell you he's going to fuck everything up. A regular bullpen guy? OK. His stuff is still solid enough for spots. But not a closer. And they finally realized that about 3 years too late. 

I don't understand Joe Girardi sometimes. Zack Efflin has 85 pitches and out-duels Jacob deGrom and gives up a hit to lead off the bottom of the 7th - YANK. And that's a half inning after Joe sent him out there to sacrifice bunt. Then you have Baily Falter, a starter in the minors, who tosses 4 beautifully scoreless innings w/ 6Ks and you take him out after 66 pitches because he gave up a single? Not only that, for someone WHO HASN'T PITCHED IN THE MAJORS SINCE 2017? Neris and Brogdon, albeit not the most surefire lads in the pen, were there ready to cook. Game after game after game there's always something Girardi does in which Gabe Kapler would've been burned at the stake for. Enough. 

The sad part is the Phillies are still someway, somehow only 5 games out of the Mets in first place. If they were bad as a team as a team with blowing saves and only threw away 10 games instead of 21, they'd be in first place. If they were straight up horrific and the number was 15, they'd be right there. But, nope, like the Sixers in the Hawks series, the Phillies chose historical incompetence. Just be fucking average and it's biblical. 

Every single season that passes it becomes more clear this city sold all souls for Super Bowl 52. Spot the lie. All four teams are suffering through historic shit. The Sixers had a monumental gutless collapse. The Eagles went from champion to bottom of the league in 3 short years. You remember when the Flyers were the #1 seed in 2020, underachieved in the playoffs, and didn't even sniff the postseason this year with virtually the same team? That was cute. And now the Phillies being, well, the Phillies. When you have the most losses in any franchise in sports history I suppose this is par for the course. Still though, some souls got Shang Tsung. 

Still worth it.