The NC State Baseball Team Should Attend the College World Series Finals to Troll the NCAA

This year’s NC State baseball team has gotten shafted maybe more than any team in the history of sports. It feels like everyone already knows the story by now. Two guys on NC State that weren’t vaccinated test positive for covid, which leads to the NCAA testing the rest of the vaccinated players even though they had previously stated non-vaccinated players would not be tested. The NCAA being lying hypocrites, shocker. 

Just disgusting by the NCAA all around. They literally have no clue what they’re doing when it comes to anything besides keeping money out of players pockets. When it comes to exploiting young athletes they know exactly what they’re doing and even that ship has sailed after the Supreme Court took a shit on their chest last week. 

Let‘s be very clear about this College World Series in Omaha, there are no COVID protocols whatsoever. As my roommate and NC State alum fan pointed out above, they have 20,000 packed in a stadium chugging beers and they‘re dead seriously talking about COVID protocols? Get the fuck outta here NCAA you bunch of crooks. Liars. Frauds. Scumbags. 

They don’t require testing or even proof of vaccination to enter the stadiums to see these games so what’s stopping the NC State baseball team from attending the CWS finals? Nothing, yet they have been prohibited from competing for what? Because the NCAA is ran by a bunch of big dopey idiots. I would absolutely ADORE it if the NC State baseball team showed up to spectate. They obviously couldn’t all walk in together in NC State baseball gear or the NCAA would step in because they’re low life pieces of shit, but if they all went in casually in normal clothes they’d get tickets and walk right in no problem. They should all go, document it and then stuff it in the NCAA’s face to make them look like the idiots that they are. I love college sports but the NCAA fucking SUCKS.