We Got A Good Old Fashioned Treasure Hunt In Utah After Two Friends Decided To Bury $10k And Post A Bunch Of Clues On Instagram

Oh fuck yeah. I love a good treasure hunt mostly because I think Without A Paddle is one of the most underrated movies out there. I've seen that movie probably 20 times and after each one I want to call up my childhood friends and go on a treasure hunt. Well guess what Mike, Chris and Chad we got ourselves a trip out to Utah to plan. Think about it. Think about when you were truly happy. I'm not talking about hitting that underdog bet. I'm not talking about getting a number from the bar. I'm talking about childhood. Before there were bills. Before you had to worry about getting a number. Before all that, what was there? 

Easter egg hunts, capture the flag, Ghost in the Graveyard, or flashlight tag after a long day of playing some form of pickup baseball, kickball or basketball..There's not a kid on the planet that didn't get fired up for any of the shit above. Doing that in our mid-30s, away from our kids and just living up life again with a couple of buds and beer searching for a treasure? I'm in. No other way to put it. 

Like I said, it just screams Without A Paddle, just you know, minus trying to get killed. If you don't treasure hunt with your best friends then you don't have friends. That's every kids dream. You have to call your friends from when you were like 7 and you go find that fucking treasure. You listen to Bubba Sparxxx and you find a couple of women living in a treehouse. That's just how life works when you treasure hunt. 

Now these friends out in Utah did this before. They had a 5k treasure hunt before and upped it to 10k. Not sure how they have this much money and silver laying around but that's not for me to know. I'd like for it to be more though. Can't be going out to Utah and living outdoors for 10k split up. Add a 0 there and we're cooking with some gas. At least they know how the content game works. In order to win the treasure you have to follow their Instagram account. Build that brand, baby. 

Obviously there's nothing like a thrill of finding the treasure, but there's gotta be something if you're these people knowing you have people from all over trying to find what you hid. Only you know where it is. You can leave clues in a poem and people just run around chasing it. I want that sort of power. I'd mix up the clues though. I don't want an old school riddle, give me something like a tweet but with PFT style grammatical errors. Have Marty try to spell it out on Picks Central. Hide it in an episode of This League. You know that sort of stuff to get people really going. Only thing better would be the one to find it.