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Hector Santiago Becomes The First Pitcher Ejected After Something Was Found In His Glove During An After Inning Substance Check

History was made in MLB today with Hector Santiago of the Mariners being the first player ejected for having something in his glove during the after inning substance check. The lefty for Seattle was coming out of the game in Chicago for the check when the umps discovered something. I'm not sure what it was, you can see them kind of looking at something in his glove, commentators saying sometimes you can mark the ball up with the metal parts of the glove, who knows what it was but he was smiling the whole time. Looked like a "ahh shit they got me" smile from Santiago. I don't understand how you can be that dumb in todays game to actually keep doing stuff to the ball. Substance or not, even if you're marking it up and messing with it, they're going to look in your glove, they're going to find whatever you're doing. Now his team is likely down a reliever for 10 days and thats going to tax your bullpen, not that the Mariners are good or anything but this really screws with a team. You can see they bagged the glove and will I guess send it away to get examined even further. Pretty funny that they actually bag and tag it like they're in a police movie, but hey you gotta protect the evidence. 

Laughing while getting ejected is pretty good too, knowing you got caught but still trying to play it cool. At least he knows he'll be the answer in a trivia question down the line! Congrats to Hector Santiago, you will forever live in baseball history as the first player to get caught with something in your glove after the crackdown.