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The St. Louis Rams Austin Pettis Has a Giant Mighty Ducks Tattoo Because "It's a Great Movie"

Fox Sports – In a new interview on the Rams website, Pettis explained the reason for the ink “One, it’s a great movie,” he teased before saying, “I’m from Anaheim, I was born and raised. … The Ducks were right down the street. I was able to watch the Angels games, the Ducks games my whole life growing up.” Pettis understands how some people might find his tattoo choice a bit unusual. “I know you wouldn’t expect a lot of football guys to be hockey fans,” he said, “but I’m a sports fan.”

It makes sense. Mighty Ducks is a great movie. I love every second of it. From District 5 going out there and playing in football pads, to Bombay teaching his guys to take dives before abandoning his team then fucking Charlie’s mom, to the Oreo Line, I love every minute of it. So I wish I was that simplistic and laid back as Pettis. I over-think everything. There’s nothing I see or do that I don’t run through every possible explanation or scenario of in my head until my brain oozes out of my ears. Meanwhile Austin Pettis willy nilly gets a Might Ducks tattoo because it’s a dope ass movie. I think he just became my favorite player. I need to start living the Pettis Lyfe.

PS: Speaking of Mighty Ducks, Britt McHenry’s dream man is Banks. Not Barstool Banks, but Banks from the movie. It’s wild.