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Fernando Tatis Jr. Says He Won't Be Participating In The Home Run Derby, Immediately Goes Out And Hits 3 Homers In The First 4 Innings

This is such a tease from Fernando Tatis Jr. He comes out and says he won't be participating in the Home Run Derby because he isn't 100% and doesn't want to further injure his shoulder. It makes sense, we kind of knew it was coming but it's still disappointing we won't get to see one of the best players in baseball swing it in Colorado. Can't be mad at a guy for wanting to protect his shoulder and stay healthy for his team instead of taking home run hacks. So what does Tatis Jr. do in the game directly following those comments? 4/5 with 3 home runs in the first 4 innings. It's like he's teasing us! Look at the crowd too, they were going nuts. Tatis Jr. was born to play in front of full stadiums with fans going nuts over his homers. 

Such a cruel thing to do to us. He knew he wasn't going to put on a show in the derby so he decided to do it last night for us. Those 3 also tied him for the MLB lead in HRs with Vlad Jr at 25. It's a shame we won't see him because the numbers he's putting up are damn good, missed a chunk of games and is still tied for the league leader in bombs. He still put on a show for baseball fans last night, starring at the home runs, his pinwheel spin of the bat after smacking the snot out of it, he knows how to entertain. Like I said before it sucks he won't be in the derby but if his production of the field stays like it is now I'm okay with that, 25 homers and still heating up is something I am perfectly fine with. I guess every game is his personal home run derby. I think I have him back at my #1 spot for most electric player in baseball, sorry Ohtani and Vladdy.