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THE HISPANIC TITANIC STRIKE AGAIN. (His actual nickname.) One of my favorite bat flips of all time and I’m not saying that just because we sat 3rd row. I’m saying it because that was fucking legit. This whole thing is legit. Anyone following the CWS has been repeatedly rewarded since the championship tournament began. Nearly every game has insane theatrics and drama and storylines. Never seen anything like it on a baseball field and I hope some of you are nodding along with me right now. This has been an Epic tournament and I absolutely hate the word epic. One of the worst words ever. But this has been pretty fucking epic so I’m at a crossroads. I’ve decided to use the word.

Epic week.

Brandon Walker is probably croaking as I type this. I don’t feel bad for him. I like/love Brandon but if you play with fire, you’re going to get burned. This is a man who loves Mississippi State more than anyone I know loves anything. That is not an exaggeration. It’s a statement of fact. And when you love something the way he does, it’s going to hurt when they let you down. Right now is that moment and it’s awesome to watch. This is my kind of content.