Happy Birthday to King of Food & Travel

Naturally I gravitate towards eccentric people. For one I know I can be a bit eccentric myself.  I appreciate and understand outward expression. My wife loves making remarks about how I dress. Most of the time I just don't give shit about what I wear, as long as I am comfortable that's all that matters to me. I applaud the energy people put into disturbing the monotonous flow of everyday life, like graffiti or designer vintage sunglasses. 

Culinary chefs are now pushing the envelope with wild game. Honestly it's needed. Think about what's accepted today compared to what was the norm just a few years ago. Sex is no longer taboo. You can find it in the palm of your hand. (wink)  Weed is now seen as a recuse drug rather than the drug that sent you to hell. If you wanted to right now, you could look up your favorite porn star or IG model only fans page and get a sweet shot of her dragons's eye. Not for long though, "only fans" is now looking to get out of the adult content business. Bye Felicia!  Walking the streets of New York these days is like walking through a grow house in Amsterdam. No matter how you digest this abstract world we leave in, just understand it's all subjective. 

Anthony Bourdain would have been 61 yesterday.  He was a New Yorker turned drug addict, left the dreadful needle behind to pursue life in the culinary arts. we were able to see cities like Bangkok China through his eyes.  He exposed the beauty in every city he visited. Not once did he pull any punches on the political landscape or hardship people faced in other countries. Talking about food was just a bridge into finding out what would make a chef spend his whole life making award winning dishes for strangers. I watched episode after episode just perplexed at his free sprit and ability to make you feel as if you were standing right there next to him. Unfortunately, he took his own life not too long ago. That type of pain is unconscionable. It broke my heart to hear the tragic news of his passing.  A man who lived a thousand lives decided to say goodbye on his terms. Maybe that's the true definition of a free sprit. What he did leave behind was an artistic experience that brought perspective and love to food and culture. He showed the world how to appreciate a good meal and appreciate life while sitting at a dinner table.