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Ben Simmons Has Got Some Hard Brass BALLS To Be Making Fun Of His Shooting Abilities In Australian Commercials

Oh Ben, you self mocker you! How funny! So endearing! You think just cause this only airs in another hemisphere Philly wouldn't sniff it out? Whatever. I'm kinda indifferent. Are we really going to sit here and chastise Ben Simmons for making light of his (lack of) shooting abilities in an Australian commercial most likely shot years ago before he had a chance to "Develop" his shot? Wait a second...

MAY 28 2021!!!! This commercial literally dropped during these disastrous playoffs. THIS ISN'T A GODDAMN JOKE BEN OR SOMETHING TO MAKE LIGHT OF FOR PROFIT DOWN UNDER. Mother of God. Not good for the ol' optics, Ben. Not good at all. 

Time to get back to the basics. Summer League Ben is the Best Ben. I guess. I don't even know anymore. 

h/t @BryanFarrellUK