There Are Fewer Things In Life More Primal (And Funny) To Watch Than A Poker Flip Out

This was a topic of conversation on this week's Barstool Poker podcast, Cracking Aces. You know, the show currently keeping the lights on at Barstool after the departure of stalwart monsters CHD and This League (pending). And nobody has mastered the art of spaz at the table better than Phil Hellmuth, naturally. 

We discussed if Phil is actually self aware of how he is at the table and the answer unequivocally is ABSOLUTELY. Of course there's value in being actually good at poker and acquiring the most WSOP bracelets of all time. But to be entertaining on top of it? The Poker Brat was one of the first to know how to dance that content dance.

There are a billion other clips of people losing their shit at the table, but it doesn't end there. You got the post match slow build anger from the likes of Daniel Negreanu. DICK IN HAND. 

Funny is funny. And the primal emotion from poker (aka someone else losing a dickful of money) is genuinely hilarious. And that takes me to the real reason for this blog and one of my favorite characters ever from Internet 1.0: Tuff Fish. This legend was an older, seemingly retired gentleman who grinded the likes of $3/$6, $5/$10, and even above a la Party Poker circa early 2000's. You've never met a man with as bad of luck as Tuff Fish, and it shows. Hilariously. 

If you even barely know how poker works, these are MUST WATCH: 

God Bless Tuff Fish.