Bubba Watson Just Swung So Hard He Snapped The Head Right Off His Driver... And Hit The Fairway Anyway

It's always somethin with Bubba. The guy is known for swinging the everliving hell out of the golf club. What he can do to the golf ball is straight up sorcery with the way he swings it. He's a top 10 guy to go watch in person if you get out to a tournament because the way he works the traj is insane. It makes no sense. He's a wizard. Him piping it down this fairway in spite of holding a skewer at the end is just another prime example of that. 

I'm curious as to how the toptracer didn't pick up the driver head either. That thing went fucking FLYING. 120+ mph clubhead speed like you read about. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before somebody on Twitter photoshops the clubhead traj into the replay and I very much look forward to seeing that. Regardless, that toptracer technology is insane and so is Bubba. 

PS: Ted Scott trying to fix the driver head like he's Tom Hanks in Castaway knocking away at a coconut is laugh out loud funny stuff