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Chris Paul Was Drinking Secret Stuff Last Night

Chris Paul is sippin on some interesting stuff.

So it's yellowish, not too translucent, and sort of creamy...

It is definitely a rip off of Space Jam and "Michael's secret stuff"

But even still the stuff in that water bottle does not look normal. In Space Jam the punchline is the stuff is just water but this doesn't even look like Gatorade.

Giphy Images.

I can tell what brand of water bottle it is (no free ads) but for the life of me the only thing I can think it is is Limoncello (Italian shot).

He has been responding shady stuff about the whole thing. This has been happening all season. It is surprising we haven't gotten any info on it in the press. Most likely it's a beverage not licensed by the NBA for advertising so he drinks It out of his special stuff bottle. Realistically it's a promo for his role in the new Space Jam with Lebron. It's working! people are talking about it. 

Giphy Images.