Barstool Summer Hockeyfest Registration Opens RIGHT NOW!

Barstool Sports and Spittin’ Chiclets are hosting a premiere roller/street hockey tournament that will take place in Detroit on Aug 6-7, 2021. This inaugural event will be much more than just a few games played in an empty parking lot. With our partners HockeyFest, Mattress Firm, and Pink Whitney, and tons of local bars and restaurants, we are throwing a party like Detroit hasn’t seen since they last won the cup in 2008. 


Come by to have a shot with Whit, to chirp Biz Nasty, or to talk some movies with RA. And who knows, maybe a few NHL players will even stop by to get in on the action. Come for the hockey, stay for the Pink Whitney. Click below to register.

This is gonna be a blast. I've never visited Detroit before so I can't wait (layovers don't count). I'm dying to try this Detroit-style pizza I've been hearing about. Maybe put down a few dogs as well. So I'll be bumping the Motown tunes from now til I leave. Who knows, maybe I'll even strap on the Mylecs for old time sake. We're looking forward to seeing you all there.