Justin Timberlake Tweeted His Support For Britney Spears After She Details Years Of Abuse By Her Father, Which Is Great, Because He Contributed To A Lot Of The Media Hate Towards Her

Good. Happy to see this from Justin. After the Hulu documentary about Britney's life, it became very clear that Britney ending her relationship with Justin Timberlake was used against her in the media, making her look like some kind of monster. They accused her of cheating on him, painted her as this harlequin and completely fucked her over. All the while, Justin did nothing. He would just rub elbows with talk show hosts and scoop up all of the sympathy pussy he could get. 

So yea, it's nice to see him finally saying something in support of this girl. Compared to Brit, he's had it easy. Finally our girl has some justice in her life from all of the people who stomped her into the ground, years ago.