The Most Impressive Highlight Of The Euros So Far Is This Denmark Fan's Legendary 12 Beers And A Hot Dog Run

I know we're prone to hyperbole but I promise you that headline was not meant to be a lie or exaggeration. I've never seen something like this before. Three beers and a Fanta? Sure, seen that. But 12 beers and a hot dog at a sporting event? That's just living the life. I didn't even know you could order 12 beers at a time. Life is different in Europe, I suppose. Never really understood the maximum two drink order. If I'm going to get drunk it's going to be because i keep going up there every inning or few minutes, not because you just gave me a 12 pack to go back to the seat. Look at the concentration from my man here too. He's not letting one drip of alcohol drop from those cups. 

Denmark making the knockout round is simply awesome too. There was the whole bounce back as a team after Christian Eriksen collapsed on the field. There's the fact that they had to win their final game and at least score 2 goals in order to have a chance. They did it all. Now we get to see Denmark play Wales and have a somewhat favorable draw to the semis. All I know is we have the most impressive highlight. It's not the goal from midfield by the Czech. It's not any save. Nope. It's this fine gentleman being the greatest friend in the world and delivering a 12-pack to his pals.