Playoff P-U: Paul George Choked The Game Away Allowing Deandre Ayton To Win Game Two With A Walk-Off Alley-Oop

Not since Josh Smith’s walk-off tip-slam against the Magic have I seen such a beautiful singular ending to a basketball game. That play should never work. Not at this level. Not in the Conference Finals. Beautiful screen by Devin Booker to spring Ayton, perfect pass from BOSSMAN99, TERRIBLE decision by Ty Lue not to have the Clippers in a zone here. You plant Zubac under the rim and tell his ass not to move no matter what not even if there’s a fire.

None of that happens without two things. First, Paul George. Just when the world is ready to unironically agree with his self-appointed nickname of Playoff P he steps to the line and confidently bricks two free throws. People wanted to believe so badly that he had finally redeemed himself. Nope!

But forgetting about Paul George for a second. Forgetting about Deandre Ayton’s athletic marvel, Monty Williams’ perfect playcall, Book’s screen or Crowder’s pass, none of that would’ve been possible without Chris Paul teaching them all how to play basketball. So congrats to him first and everyone else second.

PS - Luka doesn’t catch that lob.