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A Nuggets Fan Attempted To Make Fun Of The Gin Blossoms For Playing At The Suns Game And, Well, The Gin Blossoms Spent All Night Destroying Him

We got ourselves a pretty innocent tweet here by the Gin Blossoms. Going to play in The Valley! Pretty excited! 

Little did we know the Gin Blossoms playing in this would end in a fight that makes Suns in Four Guy's looks competitive. First off, fuck you if you don't like Gin Blossoms. The Gin Blossoms fuck. Plain and simple. Jams, you sing along, perfect for a cover band to play and get the people going. Yeah, I'm an average dude in my 30s so this checks out. But if you don't like Gin Blossoms, you stink. 

On top of that how can you not appreciate the Gin Blossoms after this. 

I don't know why this Mad Max fella keeps doubling down and throwing Dave Grohl into it here. You lost. You got your ass kicked by the Suns and then by the Gin Blossoms. They are rich, you are not. They are playing in the Western Conference Finals, you are not. They are the point of the blog as the winner, you are not. Now hit the fucking music.