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Madden Just Announced Some Big Changes Coming To Franchise Mode

These updates seem like great updates and additions to Madden. For the first time in a while, I'm excited for a new Madden.

- Franchise Staff lets you take control of your entire coaching staff. The staff will have their own separate talent trees for coaching specialties

- Scouting - Finally scouting is here in Madden! This will be a mid-gaming update as the target release is in September. You can now manage and assign your scouts to different locations. There will be regional and also national scouts. Throughout the season, players will move up and down through a mock draft board based on their college gameplay

- Weekly Strategy Meetings - adds to the dynamic feel of the regular season

For me, the scouting is the best featuring being added and will make Franchise mode a longer term mode.

What are you excited for in the upcoming Madden? Tweet me your thoughts.