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After Watching Steve Aoki Throw Cakes At Peoples Faces This Weekend I Am Convinced That If He Was Quarterbacking The New England Patriots Last Season They Win The East And Possibly The AFC Championship

Cue the olds "who the fuck is Steve Aoki and why is he throwing cakes in people's faces?"

Steve Aoki is a festival DJ, one of the biggest acts in the world, does close to 300 shows a year, has supposedly communicated with aliens, is the son of the man who founded Benihana, Hiroaki Aoki, and is the brother to Devon, the badass chick that used to decapitate dudes with a samurai sword in Sin City.

He also gifted the world this timeless remix which isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

And after witnessing him execute a two-minute drill with sheet cakes on Saturday afternoon, he also throws fucking darts.

"Why does he throw cakes at people?"


Kids these days are into some weird shit. 

And by weird shit I mean weird shit…

But to each their own.

When I used to go to crazy concerts the hope was to get to see some chick flash the stage (and rest of the crowd). But those days are gone apparently. Today they bring shirts and signs begging "Cake Me".

Video guy extraordinaire Tevo came out for the weekend to help film a new project we're working on, and captured this entire sequence. We were both in disbelief at the precision this pony-tailed Steve Young slung these cakes. All angles, short and deep. He was connecting with these cake-thirsty chicks' faces in stride.

Can you imagine if the Patriots had somebody this serviceable last season? If we're being totally honest they probably beat the Chiefs in Week 4 and never look back. They definitely win the East. And don't forget shit got extra weird in the playoffs. The Browns snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against Kansas City. 

I'm not even talking gaudy numbers at QB from Aoki either. Not expecting him to throw for 90%, he's not Tom Brady for crying out loud. 

Just something a tad better than this -