Trysta Krick's Demonic Scream Ranks As One Of The Worst Moments In Electric Chair History

Well last night sucked. No getting around it. I'm a dead body. One would think a certain someone would have enough, or any common sense to come into the office early the day after their biggest moment at Barstool and piss on the grave (UPDATE: We have arrived at a punctual 12:15pm), but hey, content just isn't a priority for some people, I guess. 

But this blog is about something KFC tweeted this morning: 

The worst electric chair in Barstool history? Eh. Personally, for sure, but there's so, so much out there from over the years. Let's reminisce a bit. 

Leading off we have Connor Gillespie taking what remained of KFC's soul, which probably wasn't much: 

Big Cat Game 7 World Series in which the Cubs obviously won, but the moment still lives on: 

And then we have Dave losing a cool zillion and Big Cat just laughing in his face: 

Who can forget the ol' Double Doink in which we for some reason agreed to blindfold ourselves in the most crucial moments during the game? Godspeed Edward for enduring that kiss of death. 

Or All Business Pete for some reason murdering the Beer Guy before he ever drank a beer:

The Yankees trashbags getting cucked by the Saugus suckbag in the ALCS: 

BONUS: Yankees trashbags being forced to hear Ellie Schnitt call play by play. Not sad, just hilarious: 

Islanders and Borelli's vs. Bruins - Take your pick of the game/moment:

Not an Electric Chair, per se, but all-time moment nonetheless in Detroit: 

Same deal no electric chair but of course gotta include Dave getting dragged out of the Super Bowl: 

What else we missing? Gotta be a lot more from hundreds of hours live in the Electric Chair. Fire away.