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I Am Once Again Begging Ben Simmons To Never Put On A Sixers Jersey Ever Again

I mean what the fuck, dude?

Obviously we have so so much to get into with what an abysmally pathetic group of worthless assholes this Sixers team turned out to be. But this moment? This one right here? This will be the lasting image of Ben Simmons' tenure with the Philadelphia Sixers. An absolute shell of a man who is not only a fucking tragically awful free throw shooter, but is also afraid to even attempt a layup with a wide open rim. This cat is so gone in the head that I'd ship his ass back to Australia for free before I'd even consider watching him play another minute for this team. 

Again, there is so much more to get into about how beyond disappointing this entire organization turned out to be. It was all a lie. The process was for nothing. This team and this organization and, honestly at this point the entire city, is nothing but a bunch of goddamn losers. It's sickening. It's embarrassing. It's disheartening. But Ben Simmons is the worst part about all of it. So on one hand, I'm clearly upset the Sixers lost tonight. But on the other hand, at least we don't have to watch this dickless bastards anymore. Because not only do they suck, but they don't give a shit either. Gutless. 

P.S. - Just say it, Doc. The dude sucks. 

Only reason you didn't know how to answer that question is because you didn't know how to answer anything the Hawks threw your way in this series.