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The ATLANTA HAWKS Have Ended The Process

I'm going to be completely honest. If you're a 76ers fan, I don't know where you go from here.

You've been saying, "Just wait," for a decade, following the supposed vision of a madman and now The Process has officially been laid to a final rest by the Atlanta Hawks. What a time to be alive.

And not only was The process killed by the Hawks, it was killed by Kevin Huerter. Red Velvet. Take a look at this guy and understand he's the guy who destroyed the last decade's worth of hopes and dreams of the city of Philadelphia.

I am giggling like a schoolgirl. First, we got to shove it up New York City's ass. And then we took a quick train ride down to Slightly Worse New Jersey and took care of those losers, as well. Now we get to beat that asshole Mike Budenholzer en route to the NBA Finals? Sign me the fuck up.

There's just something different about this Hawks team. Every time that sinking feeling crept in that something which could only happen to Atlanta would come to fruition, Trae Young would make another play or Danilo Gallinari would hit another big shot. These guys just get it done.

So to all of my Philly friends, I know your pain and I'm glad you're feeling it. I personally don't know what it feels like for my 2021 NBA team to not make the conference finals, but I'm sure y'all are feeling it enough for all of us.

And I never thought I'd say this, but Trysta Krick did a fantastic job tonight. I sure would hate to be a Sixers fan in the Philly Gambling House right now.

Hawks in seven.