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It's Wander Time In Tampa, The #1 Prospect In Baseball Will Be Called Up On Tuesday

Tuesday is going to be a big day in Tampa Bay Rays history as they announce they will be calling up the top prospect in baseball, Wander Franco. Franco is the real deal folks, in fact he's been the #1 guy the last 2 years. He's also going to be the first major leaguer born in 2001. Kinda crazy that he's going to be younger than a lot of the guys drafted in a few weeks in the MLB Draft but if you saw him you wouldn't think he was only 20, he's the full package and he's been dominating in AAA this year. He's slashing .323/.376/.601 with an OPS of .977, seven homers, 35 RBIs, 6 triples, only 20 Ks in 38 games and 12 walks for the Bulls while playing a great shortstop. I think the Rays saw enough, they know he's ready. 

Love the glove work, absolutely love it. People thought the Rays may call Franco up after they traded their starting shortstop Willy Adames a few weeks back but they decided to keep him down a bit to marinate a little more. Now they think he's ready. All eyes in the baseball world will be on that disgusting stadium in St. Petersburg on Tuesday vs the Red Sox. 

He's a switch hitter who is getting that power stroke and he's fast as shit. He legit may have the fastest hands you've ever seen too, it's otherworldly. Wander is a created player, that is what he is. You make him in MLB The Show and people call you a cheater because he's too good. It's unbelievable he's only 20 and this good. I'm super excited to keep an eye on him in the East and see what kind of player he develops into. He's going to be the best player on Tampa the second he steps onto the field, he's a transcendent talent that we don't see very often. Tampa has lost 6 straight and they're looking for something to spark them, I think Wander is the perfect guy for that. This is a guy who will 100% make Coley's MLB All Cool Team next season too. Just another accolade to add to his Baseball Reference page. 

Hard not to want to root for this guy too, look at how excited his teammates get when they find out he's going to the bigs. It's for sure the last time he'll have to eat in a restaurant dining room that looks like that. No more side rooms at Taco Bell for you Wander, we're eating the good stuff now.