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Jon Rahm Wins The 2021 US Open With Clutch Birdie Putts On 17 and 18

What an unreal finish to an unreal tournament. The cream rose to the top over the weekend and gave us a ridiculous leaderboard at the turn on Sunday. Everybody and their mother was in the mix. We had Bryson, Brooks, Rory, X, Louis, Morikawa, and so many others there in position to go out and steal the damn thing.

Sure enough, guys started dropping like flies. This was a US Open after all. Holes 10-12 are the teeth of Torrey Pines. Whoever could merely survive those holes was always going to have a huge leg up on the field. Few did, and those who didn’t struggled to get the train back on the tracks the rest of the way. Hell, this briefly looked like Bryson’s tournament to lose after he nearly aced the 8th. He completely unraveled with back nine 44 including a snowman.

The one guy who went bogey free on the back 9 was Rahm. He and Oost both held it together and gave themselves a chance and it was Rahm who seized the opportunity by burying those 2 massive putts on 17 and 18. It was refreshing to see somebody go out and win it. For a while it felt like this tournament would just be a contest of who could lose it the least. Rahm has shown a penchant for making clutch putts over his young career (including on that 18th green) and those were easily the two biggest of his life thus far.

It’s fitting that Rahm broke thru with his 1st major here, the same place where he won his 1st PGA Tour event back in 2017. It’s also kinda sweet how he bounced back from what happened at the Memorial. I’m not a huge Rahm guy personally and how that all went down was pretty silly, but I think he deserves a lot of credit for how he handled the aftermath. Guy took his licks and came back determined to  get a big W and he did exactly that. He’s back to #1 in the world and he definitely earned it.

On the other hand, ya gotta feel for Louis. Guy is just a runner-up machine. It’s bananaland that he still hasn’t won on US soil and only has one official PGA Tour win. Just a great reminder that it’s really tough to win out here. Ironically, he was sniffing around a W earlier this year at the Zurich and the PGA, and it was a big miss right off the tee that did him in. Today it was the misses left on 17 and 18 that cost him a chance at a playoff. I would’ve liked to have seen him give it a rip at the green in 2 on 18 and maybe that kind of mentality is what 2nd place finishers are made of. That’s probably harsh and that rough was no joke, but I just can’t imagine laying up there.

Lastly, Torrey Pines delivered in a big way. That 18th green has seen some history, man. It looked like this tournament had potential to be a dud when we had Richard fucking Bland holding the 36-hole lead, but the weekend leaderboard could not have turned out better. The course played hard and there was certainly #carnage, but it wasn’t over the top and the best golfer won. It’s time to put another US Open at Torrey Pines on the books.

Great tournament. Congrats to Jon Rahm on his first major in a career that will probably include a handful.