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This Orioles Fan Was So Excited Relish Finally Won A Hot Dog Race That He Had 2 Buckets Of Relish Dumped Directly Onto His Head

Where were you on June 20th, 2021 when relish was FINALLY able to pull off a win in the Hot Dog Condiment race at Camden Yards? All season long fans have been dying with every race hoping to see relish just get on the board. All they wanted was one win, ketchup and mustard have dominated the season winning 17 races each, relish with a goose egg. Until Sunday when Relish was finally able to pull it's head out of its ass and bring one home. I'm happy for relish and it's fans, but not as happy as this guy. 

I've never loved something as much as this guy loves relish. He wanted to see relish win so bad he spent his Fathers Day in jorts soaked in relish. That is dedication to the craft. The second relish took home the win the "Sweet Victory" song from SpongeBob came on the loud speakers and the fans went nuts, they put this guy on the screen and he dropped to his knees. His buddies behind him had buckets of relish and doused him in it. Brought me back to my early days of watching Nickelodeon and Summer Sanders on Figure It Out. Sup Summer? I pray to god they let him take a shower at the park, this happens early in the game, it was 90 degrees in Baltimore, you can't have a guy swimming in relish walking around the ballpark. 

I filled you all in on the pain of Orioles fans during games, losing a lot and people not seeing relish win a race, but here we are just a few days later and the streak is broken. I'm not expecting a banner to be raised onto the warehouse like they did for Cal's streak, but something has to be in the works to recognize relish finally getting on the board. I'm very happy for relish and all it's fans, but just like  I said last week, it's far and away the third best condiment in the game, not even close to ketchup or mustard. But at least they got a win.