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No Other Way To Describe It, This Guy Got Knocked The Fuck Out



Not much to add to that.  The video speaks for itself.  That dude got knocked the fuck out.  Body spilling out of the ring while his brain bounces back and forth between the walls of his skull.  There’s getting knocked out and there’s getting knocked the fuck out.  That right there is video evidence of the difference.  I didn’t look into it but I’m just going to assume he’s dead or, at the very least, laid up in a hospital somewhere in a vegetative state.  All those memories he had from his life?  Gone.  Clean slate.  He’s a new man. You don’t take a Mack truck fist to the dome like that and then be up and around for brunch the next day.  You sit in a white bath rob at the hospital trying to remember your own name and wait for your family to visit you once a month.



Eating dinner right next to a sport where snot or blood or an entire human being might land on your steak isn’t a great plan


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