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Absolute Bedlam in a Gas Station

This video just gets more and more ridiculous the longer you watch it. 

If you think this is just another arrest video you are very wrong. 

This stuff almost seems like it was obeying Cartoon physics.

No one would believe this if it weren't for video.

"Yeah, so the guy is running away from the cop, throws a bunch of candy at him, gets tasered. His girlfriend keeps tackling the cop so he can get away, he then runs around the shop throwing more sour patch kids. The guy may have made it out the front of the shop, but the girl goes into the back and climbs into the ceiling, falls out the ceiling, falls into the chips aisle, and gets tasered."

It would be tough to convince people this happened. Thankfully I found a version of the video with the perfect complementary audio.

Now that is some world-class cinematography. Yakety Sax should have won an oscar at some point.

Pretty sick how ride or die the girlfriend was, dude kinda threw her to the wolves with the cop but she kept bailing him out.

Wonder if they are still together.