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Henry Ruggs Bowled A 299 And I Can't Think Of A Bigger Kick To The Scrotum

The pursuit of perfection. There's something so magical about it. Something that just really gets the juices flowing. It doesn't matter what it is, but humans are always after perfection. Could be cooking, could be painting, could be bowling a 300. Chasing perfection can be dangerous at times, but it can be so damn satisfying when you achieve it. 

So for Henry Ruggs to bowl a 299 and have that one last stubborn son of a bitch pin just standing there and staring him in the face? Oh brother.

Here's a guy who has won a National Championship. Was a first round pick in the NFL. And I bet he still lost at least a little sleep over that one pin that didn't drop in a random round of bowling in the middle of June. Maybe not a full night's worth of sleep considering he's a multimillionaire athlete and 299 is still better than anything 95% of the population can bowl. But at least a few minutes pondering up at his ceiling while he rests his head on the pillow thinking about what could have been? Without a doubt. And for that, I genuinely feel terrible for Henry Ruggs. Almost makes me glad I'm absolute dog shit at bowling and need the bumpers up because at least I know I'll never have to feel what it's like to get that close to perfection and then have one stupid pin refuse to go down as the biggest buzzkill known to man. 

Either way, here's to hoping Ruggs makes a nice little career shift once his time in the NFL is up and can bring the PBA back into the height of sports entertainment. If he's bowling a 299 when he still has to train to be an NFL wide receiver, just imagine what a machine he'd be when his only focus would be on bowling.