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Trust Me, You Want To Try Out This Warzone Season 4 Loadout

These are my Warzone credentials: 

I have very specific specialties and Warzone is my bread and butter. If you want to see any of this action live, make sure to follow my Twitch

This loadout in Warzone led to me get a 21 Kill Solo Win in dominate fashion. If you read my Warzone Season 4 patch notes, I noted that the Groza and Milano got big time buffs. So, I knew we had to test them out especially on the first day of the new season. We made a quick build for the guns and were immediately dropping into Verdansk. if you wanna see the loadout, check the description in the YouTube video.

In typical Warzone fashion, even though it's a brand new season, some things will never change in Verdansk. 

Giphy Images.

RIP to the legend, but that gif in too perfectly. Two back-to-back games that I died to cheaters. Absolute pain.

However, it all culminated to the 21 kill win, so I guess we'll take it?

Tweet me loadouts you'd like me to try. Next week, I'll be setting up a day to take on some Stoolie Warzone challenges. Be on the lookout!